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July 4, 2021  

Episode 50 - Just a Final Manic Monday

Jon is back for Episode No. 50 to cover every match for the final Manic Monday at Wimbledon! He lays out what bets he likes and what matches he thinks are about fair pricing at the time of recording. He also has one play for the Perugia Challenger, as the Challenger Tour gets back to having multiple tournaments this week.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly.

July 1, 2021  

Episode 49 - Wimbledon’s 3rd Round Begins!

Jon outlines his bets for Friday's 3rd round of action from the All England Club. He then goes over the remaining matches and talks about some of the intriguing points for a few and which matches you probably don't need to hone in on too much.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly.

June 30, 2021  

Episode 48 - Thursday at Wimbledon!

Jon goes over his short list of plays for Thursday's action for Wimbledon. Be sure to keep an eye on his timeline to see the next Tidbits livestream - all done exclusively through Twitch!


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly.

June 29, 2021  

Episode 47 - Wednesday’s Cluster You Know What

Jon goes over a lengthy recap from a rain-filled opening two days of Wimbledon, before diving into some plays for Wednesday's action.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly and research plays before making wagers.

June 25, 2021  

Episode 46b - Wimbledon Men’s First Round

Snize and Jon jump back on to record all their takes from a wide variety of men's opening round matches from Wimbledon.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly and look into all matches before placing wagers.

June 25, 2021  

Episode 46a - Wimbledon Women’s First Round

Snize is back in the co-host chair as he and Jon go over all their plays (and there are a LOT of them) for the women's first round action from Wimbledon.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly and look into plays before wagering.

June 24, 2021  

Episode 45 - Friday’s Action on the Grass

Jon goes over his favourite plays from Friday, with a heavy focus on the final 10 matches for women's qualifying at Wimbledon. He also chats about the remaining match on tour that he didn't bet and alludes to why he wasn't keen on the pricing for those matches.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly.

June 23, 2021  

Episode 44 - Chatting Thursday Tennis with a Guest!

Jon is joined by special guest Cade (@TalkingTour) to talk about Thursday's grass court action from Eastbourne and Mallorca. They also talk about who should be considered the 2nd favourite for this year's edition of Wimbledon.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly.

June 22, 2021  

Episode 43 - Eastbourne, Mallorca, Bad Homburg & Wimbledon Wednesday!

Jon goes over all the matches that have been priced up at the time of recording for Wednesday from across the tennis world! Reminder: the remaining plays that were not on the podcast will be released @JRTweetsTennis when Jon plays them and officially posts.


NOTE: Always gamble responsibly and only place bets you are comfortable with!

June 21, 2021  

Episode 42 - Tuesday’s Loaded Slate

Jon goes over all his bets for Tuesday's action, including the Wimbledon plays posted to his Twitter timeline on Sunday night, as well as a few adds for the men's draw.


NOTE: Please gamble responsibly and look into plays yourself before wagering.

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